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25 septembre 2012 2 25 /09 /septembre /2012 10:44

Can internships help you obtain a job?


   Nowadays internships are a bit hard to find, but have become a ubiquitous thing in school years . It's all the more important as it helps to find a job .


   First and foremost, to do internships permits to get experience in the business world . What's more, companies hire former trainees more easily as they know that they already have the skills required . Indeed it's a considerable plus on a CV, which shows the trainee's motivation .


   Secondly, it enables to develop qualities like self-confidence, maturity, and then to have the sense of responsibilities .


   Furthermore, when you do a training period, you can be noticed by your managers for your good work and they can hire you . Or, subsequently, you can directly ask them to integrate the firm . You're well-known by them and have their trust .


   But, on the other hand, to my mind, there are some internships which are somewhat useless as experiences that will interest future employers , like sorting letters for example .


   To put it in a nutshell, training periods are an asset in a student's life when they apply for a job . Still they need to find the good one .






   Today, a lot of teenagers have internships included in their school programs . But we can ask ourselves if they can help to obtain a job .


   To begin with, it's a good way to get experience in the business world, and it's exactly what companies are looking for because it's a proof that the applicants have learnt and acquired new skills . For instance, after an internship, the trainee is more responsible and also has more self-confidence .


   Secondly, for a teenager, an internship can be a way to create and then develop useful relationships which might help him in his future to get a job, thanks to his references . .

   Yet, without even needing a recommendation, the applicant can have the chance to be hired on a permanent contract more easily in the company where he did his training period .


   Thirdly, for an employer who is looking for new employees, if he receives many CVs , internships are going to make the difference among several with the same curriculum .


   On the other hand, nowadays, there are a lot more applicants than jobs to be filled . Then , some companies are looking for real work experience and for them a training period is not enough .


   Finally, before it was a plus on a CV ; now it's just usual and normal .


   To conclude, in my opinion; internships should help to obtain a job but they don't because they have become so ubiquitous that they're no longer an asset, a difference, a way to stand out among all the applicants . To my mind, the only thing that might help today is the company and the sector where you had your training period and not the internship itself .






Apart from internships, what other elements can make a CV more interesting?


   Internships are important on a CV because they contribute to proving to the employer the skills developed and the experience that a person acquired in the past . However there are other more interesting elements on a CV .


   To begin with, the knowledge of the applicant like the command of foreign languages; it's important for the employer because, thanks to it, the employee will be able to speak another language with a customer who comes from abroad ; or the employer could send his employee abroad for work (as a promotion). Therefore the driving-licence is also indispensable for applicants and constitutes an element to be put on a CV .


    Then the diplomas are other interesting elements to write on a CV because more and more employers search people who have a lot of diplomas .


     Next, the summer jobs or volunteer work permit to boost the job interview and the boss can see the motivation of the applicant .


     To put it in a nutshell, the goal of the employer is to choose the best applicant who has qualifications, skills adapted to the sector of activity of the firm .


Anne-Sopjie GRENIER





    Currently, internships are a plus on a CV because they enable to get experience in the world of work . Yet, there are other elements which make a CV more interesting.


    Firstly the driving licence is important because employers appreciate when an applicant can move . Then it's necessary to present diplomas, indeed they permit to have a specialization . Moreover former work experience is an asset because it underlines the motivation of the applicant and his knowledge of the world of work .


    Next, to evoke journeys abroad is a good idea . To know other cultures is valuable and to have a good command of foreign languages too . Every trip develops autonomy and self-confidence . Therefore it's a good argument .


    To conclude, to write a good CV is important because it's the first impression the employer has . That's why it's necessary to choose the good elements .


Camille VERGNES 

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