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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 13:38



Within the curriculum of my degree specialized in …., I completed 2/3 work placements .

In the company, I was in charge of …/ I was told to….

I carried out several tasks ….

I learnt how to …

It was an enriching experience because :

It helped me improve my command of technical language/ Windows/ English…

It developed my knowledge of…

It encouraged me to…

It showed me I could…

I learnt to be… 


INTRODUCTION : explain the basic facts about you and the company

  • ·         Say when the placement took place ( 1st or 2nd year of your studies)
  • ·         Introduce the company : type of activity, location, competitors, problems…
  • ·         Say why you chose this company, and how you managed to obtain the placement ( did you prospect yourself, did your teachers help you …?)

Was the company expecting something specific from you?



Explain what your goals were before going to work for this company

  • First year : discovering a sector of activity, training, acquiring a specific skill…

Skills : answering the phone, contacting customers, translating leaflets, writing minutes and reports, creating, updating, organizing and classifying records, letters, files, mailing lists, welcoming visitors, organizing meetings …

  • Second year : mastering skills and communication tools, enriching your experience, taking on more responsibilities …



Detailed presentation of your activities in the firm :

  • What tools were available (phone, software…) and which ones did you use ?
  • Did you create something or improve a service ?
  • The problems you had to face : human relationships, follow-up work, logistics…
  • Evaluate your experience : was it a success or a failure ? Why ? Try to analyze your personal point of view and that of the company .



  • In terms of professional knowledge : evaluate what you learnt and what you improved in your understanding of the working world .
  • In terms of know-how : the new skills you discovered, the skills you developed and mastered

Think of autonomy and self-reliance, team-work, taking responsibilities, taking part in a meeting, creativity …

  • In terms of know-how-to-behave : what you discovered regarding your professional attitudes, for example, how you reacted in a difficult or stressful situation … The qualities you developed in connection with your professional behavior, i.e. adaptability, flexibility, confidence, punctuality, reliability, friendliness…



If you had to do it now, would you proceed differently ?

Did you discover a specific field you would now like to specialize in ?

Opening onto the future : What are your professional plans ?




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