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25 septembre 2012 2 25 /09 /septembre /2012 10:44

Can internships help you obtain a job?


   Nowadays internships are a bit hard to find, but have become a ubiquitous thing in school years . It's all the more important as it helps to find a job .


   First and foremost, to do internships permits to get experience in the business world . What's more, companies hire former trainees more easily as they know that they already have the skills required . Indeed it's a considerable plus on a CV, which shows the trainee's motivation .


   Secondly, it enables to develop qualities like self-confidence, maturity, and then to have the sense of responsibilities .


   Furthermore, when you do a training period, you can be noticed by your managers for your good work and they can hire you . Or, subsequently, you can directly ask them to integrate the firm . You're well-known by them and have their trust .


   But, on the other hand, to my mind, there are some internships which are somewhat useless as experiences that will interest future employers , like sorting letters for example .


   To put it in a nutshell, training periods are an asset in a student's life when they apply for a job . Still they need to find the good one .






   Today, a lot of teenagers have internships included in their school programs . But we can ask ourselves if they can help to obtain a job .


   To begin with, it's a good way to get experience in the business world, and it's exactly what companies are looking for because it's a proof that the applicants have learnt and acquired new skills . For instance, after an internship, the trainee is more responsible and also has more self-confidence .


   Secondly, for a teenager, an internship can be a way to create and then develop useful relationships which might help him in his future to get a job, thanks to his references . .

   Yet, without even needing a recommendation, the applicant can have the chance to be hired on a permanent contract more easily in the company where he did his training period .


   Thirdly, for an employer who is looking for new employees, if he receives many CVs , internships are going to make the difference among several with the same curriculum .


   On the other hand, nowadays, there are a lot more applicants than jobs to be filled . Then , some companies are looking for real work experience and for them a training period is not enough .


   Finally, before it was a plus on a CV ; now it's just usual and normal .


   To conclude, in my opinion; internships should help to obtain a job but they don't because they have become so ubiquitous that they're no longer an asset, a difference, a way to stand out among all the applicants . To my mind, the only thing that might help today is the company and the sector where you had your training period and not the internship itself .






Apart from internships, what other elements can make a CV more interesting?


   Internships are important on a CV because they contribute to proving to the employer the skills developed and the experience that a person acquired in the past . However there are other more interesting elements on a CV .


   To begin with, the knowledge of the applicant like the command of foreign languages; it's important for the employer because, thanks to it, the employee will be able to speak another language with a customer who comes from abroad ; or the employer could send his employee abroad for work (as a promotion). Therefore the driving-licence is also indispensable for applicants and constitutes an element to be put on a CV .


    Then the diplomas are other interesting elements to write on a CV because more and more employers search people who have a lot of diplomas .


     Next, the summer jobs or volunteer work permit to boost the job interview and the boss can see the motivation of the applicant .


     To put it in a nutshell, the goal of the employer is to choose the best applicant who has qualifications, skills adapted to the sector of activity of the firm .


Anne-Sopjie GRENIER





    Currently, internships are a plus on a CV because they enable to get experience in the world of work . Yet, there are other elements which make a CV more interesting.


    Firstly the driving licence is important because employers appreciate when an applicant can move . Then it's necessary to present diplomas, indeed they permit to have a specialization . Moreover former work experience is an asset because it underlines the motivation of the applicant and his knowledge of the world of work .


    Next, to evoke journeys abroad is a good idea . To know other cultures is valuable and to have a good command of foreign languages too . Every trip develops autonomy and self-confidence . Therefore it's a good argument .


    To conclude, to write a good CV is important because it's the first impression the employer has . That's why it's necessary to choose the good elements .


Camille VERGNES 

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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 13:49



The dangers of Facebook : a video blog discussing the dangers of Facebook and social networking from the effects on friendships, relationships, socialization, security and society .





 Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he wants the social networking site to let children under the age of 13 use it.

      At the moment that age limit is dictated by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act which was made Federal Law in America in 1998.

But Zuckerberg says he's willing to fight to change the law.

He says it's a battle worth taking on because of the educational benefits of using the site.

"That will be a fight we take on at some point.

"My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age.

"Because of the [legal] restrictions we haven't even begun this learning process.

"If they're lifted then we'd start to learn what works."

Privacy worries

   He was speaking at a recent summit on innovation in schools in California and admitted that finding ways to improve education is one of his passions.

   There are concerns though about how young is too young for children to be using Facebook.

Critics say privacy worries and the threat of online bullying mean a lower age limit should stay in place.

As long as that stays the case, a spokesperson for Facebook told Newsbeat the site has "extensive safety and privacy controls based on the age provided.

"However, recent reports have highlighted just how difficult it is to implement age restrictions on the internet and that there is no single solution to ensuring younger children don't circumvent a system, or lie about their age".

   Despite those efforts, one estimate from America's Consumer Reports claims seven and a half million of Facebook's 600 million users are under 13.




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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 13:38



Within the curriculum of my degree specialized in …., I completed 2/3 work placements .

In the company, I was in charge of …/ I was told to….

I carried out several tasks ….

I learnt how to …

It was an enriching experience because :

It helped me improve my command of technical language/ Windows/ English…

It developed my knowledge of…

It encouraged me to…

It showed me I could…

I learnt to be… 


INTRODUCTION : explain the basic facts about you and the company

  • ·         Say when the placement took place ( 1st or 2nd year of your studies)
  • ·         Introduce the company : type of activity, location, competitors, problems…
  • ·         Say why you chose this company, and how you managed to obtain the placement ( did you prospect yourself, did your teachers help you …?)

Was the company expecting something specific from you?



Explain what your goals were before going to work for this company

  • First year : discovering a sector of activity, training, acquiring a specific skill…

Skills : answering the phone, contacting customers, translating leaflets, writing minutes and reports, creating, updating, organizing and classifying records, letters, files, mailing lists, welcoming visitors, organizing meetings …

  • Second year : mastering skills and communication tools, enriching your experience, taking on more responsibilities …



Detailed presentation of your activities in the firm :

  • What tools were available (phone, software…) and which ones did you use ?
  • Did you create something or improve a service ?
  • The problems you had to face : human relationships, follow-up work, logistics…
  • Evaluate your experience : was it a success or a failure ? Why ? Try to analyze your personal point of view and that of the company .



  • In terms of professional knowledge : evaluate what you learnt and what you improved in your understanding of the working world .
  • In terms of know-how : the new skills you discovered, the skills you developed and mastered

Think of autonomy and self-reliance, team-work, taking responsibilities, taking part in a meeting, creativity …

  • In terms of know-how-to-behave : what you discovered regarding your professional attitudes, for example, how you reacted in a difficult or stressful situation … The qualities you developed in connection with your professional behavior, i.e. adaptability, flexibility, confidence, punctuality, reliability, friendliness…



If you had to do it now, would you proceed differently ?

Did you discover a specific field you would now like to specialize in ?

Opening onto the future : What are your professional plans ?




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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 13:31



Time-tested tips that will help youto interview with confidence through focused listening, articulate responses and effective body language . Following these tips will empower you to impress others .


How to ace your next job interview .

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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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22 septembre 2012 6 22 /09 /septembre /2012 13:25




Benetton is a global clothing brand, based in Italy, which was launched in 1965. It has a network of about 5,500 stores in 120 countries, and generates a turnover of 2 billion euro per year.

B's business, casual clothing, is marketed as "the united colors of B". There are also fashion-oriented and leisurewear divisions.  

They've recently expanded into toiletries, perfumes, watches and items for the home.




The company is known for the controversial "United Colors" advertising campaigns, under the management of Oliveiro Toscani, its creative director and B's right hand.

Under his direction, ads were created which contained striking images unrelated to any actual product being sold by the company.

These billboard-sized advertisements included depictions of a variety of shocking subjects such as a deathbed scene of a man dying from Aids, a bloodied, unwashed newborn baby, two horses mating, close-up pictures of tatoos reading "HIV-positive", a nun and a priest about to engage in a romantic kiss, pictures of inmates on death row, a soldier killed in Bosnian war, situations of adversity, distress, sufferings, death and racism.

The company's logo served as the only text accompanying these images.




At the beginning at the 1990s, B changed the face of advertising forever. Instead of showing the company's products in its ads, they've chosen to show images related to important world issues in a claimed attempt to raise awareness and show the company's commitment to ethical values, respect for the environment and support of the human rights.




O Toscani asserts that's it's not his function to increase sales of B's products. He claims he uses advertising to raise awareness concerning global social issues, and his intention to "promote peace, tolerance, multiculturalism and to challenge stereotypes".

However, despite these claims, B's ads have been widely criticised and banned worldwide .







The text we have to comment on is an article published in the British quality newspaper, The Times, on February, the eighteenth, 2000.

It points to a controversial issue, namely emotional branding.




This article is illustrated by two pictures, actually billboard-sized advertisements by Benetton. These posters show close-ups on convicted murderers with the caption "sentenced to die".

These posters are part of B's global advertising campaign against death penalty.




The title "images with the power to shock" obviously refers to B's branding strategy, which consists in arousing people's emotions, shocking, provoking them, so as to create brand awareness (for consumers to remenber the brandname).




First and foremost, the journalist wonders whether this B advertising campaign is a civic commitment to a crucial social issue or simply an attempt to exploit people's emotions.

Anyway, whatever their goals, there's no denying that the campaign has raised much controversy.

Secondly, the journalist emphasizes the fact that campaigns are getting more and more complex.

Moreover, brands aim at creating brand awareness, . How? Some will develop a philosophy , an outlook on life with which customers will identify with , like , for example, Nike or Body Shop.

Through these examples, the journalist conveys the message that today marketing has become as important as the product itself. Why? What can account for this?

To answer this question, he comments on the evolution of products, brands and marketing.

In the post-wars decades, the compnies'goals were to improve the quality of their products, through own manufacturing techniques. The products were really different from one another and praising the their qualities was the best means of promoting them.

However, nowadays, because of sophisticated manufacturing techniques, no company can stand out thanks to the specificities of its products. Actually, they are all more or less the same.

Therefore, brands have to differenciate themselves differently, they have to look for another way of attracting the customer and making him loyal.

As a conclusion, today brands play on the customers'feelings and emotions in order to sell their products.




To put it in a nutshell, marketing strategies are a very crucial elements in the success of a brand, and B is a good example .

We must acknowledge that their advertisements enable the public to get conscious of burning social issues. Their involvement , their commitment is typical of a citizen company.

Nevertheless we mustn't be lured and remember that the company's first aim is to make profit, and so, sell their products.

That's why we could have mixed feelings about it: we may admire it but be distrustful at the same time.

Finally, we may ask ourselves this following question: Do we buy products, because they're good ones or because the marketing strategy is good?



Benetton's latest advertising campaign : unemployee of the year .


United Colors of Benetton has launched “Unemployee of the Year”, a a contest created for young people all over the world, aiming to award 100 projects proposed and voted by the online community. The project, promoted by the UNHATE Foundation, aims to spread a positive message of hope and celebrate young people’s ingenuity, creativity, and their ability to create new smart ways of addressing the problem of unemployment.


This film is an unfiltered portrayal of the everyday life of four young NEET's  We see how they fight to find a job while at the same time fighting for their dignity , against indifference and stigma .
Press meeting in London, September 2012

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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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16 septembre 2012 7 16 /09 /septembre /2012 13:35
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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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16 septembre 2012 7 16 /09 /septembre /2012 13:22

Reports on students' internships

Job interviews

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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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16 septembre 2012 7 16 /09 /septembre /2012 12:58

Pub Anglais Bourson Boulanger Girard Grenier Uyttersprot

Affiche anglais Corentin, Alexis et Thomas




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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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4 avril 2012 3 04 /04 /avril /2012 09:44

Projets en anglais

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Published by BTS MUC 1 du lycée Charles de Gaulle, Compiegne - dans Projets en anglais
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